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Certified Judy Niemeyer shop 
& certified instructor Ginny Radloff
850 Southbridge St 
Auburn, MA 01501
P: (508) 832-5562
    • Store hours:
    • Monday: 10am - 6pm
    • Tuesday: 10am - 4pm
    • Wednesday: 10am - 6pm
    • Thursday:  10am - 5pm
    • Friday:  10am - 4pm
      Saturday 10am - 4pm
    • Sunday 12pm - 3pm
  • Contact Ginny for curbside pickup

Appletree Fabrics
An opportunity arose when the owner of Appletree Fabrics decided to retire. I had always wanted to own a quilt shop and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Appletree Fabrics is now one of the few Judy Niemeyer Certified Shops in the New England area. We have numerous classes on the intricate
patterns by Judy Niemeyer in the shop. When students take a class, they can’t wait to do another one! Every two years Judy designs a ‘Technique of the Month’ pattern – which helps students to tackle the project one month at a time. They love this and finish these quilts.

Trunk Shows/Lectures
Ginny does trunk shows and lectures for Guilds and will bring a large quantity of quilts to do share. This helps with the cost to guilds so they do not have to have any shipped to them from Quiltworx.

Radical Quilts
Radical Quilts is a longarm quilting business started in 2001. I started quilting as a hobby and was able to turn my passion into a business. At
the start of my business, I purchased a Gammil longarm quiliting machine to be able to do both edge-to-edge designs and custom quilting. I
upgraded to a Statler Stitcher a few years ago. This machine has the capability to do special designs but still gives me the ability to do my own
quilting style.
My interest and desire to create difficult quilts has given me the opportunity to work with Judy Niemeyer. Judy produces quilt patterns based on the paper piecing methods. In June 2011, I took a class with Judy and was hooked on her method. It was well organized and simple and with the right instruction anyone can do it. I decided to apply to the Judy Niemeyer Techer Certification Program. After over 12 quilts in 4 months, I was accepted into the program and  was officially certified in June 2011. Currently I have made over 100 of Judy’s quilts and still going!

There are several Judy Niemeyer designs that work well for one, two, three day classes. We will discuss which is best suited for your group. Retreats are available on request.

(508) 832-5562